Balanced Body® offers a full range of Pilates instructor training programs. Whether you are interested in teaching Mat classes, Reformer classes or Pilates personal training sessions on the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair and Barrels, we have the resources you need to succeed.

Our program, like those of other leaders in the Pilates industry, offers an assessment-based certificate of completion, not a “Pilates Certification”, based on the recommendations of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

The Balanced Body Pilates instructor training program is designed to create thoughtful, creative and successful Pilates teachers. Our curriculum emphasizes the principles underlying each exercise. Our faculty members have a wide variety of Pilates backgrounds from classical to contemporary to fitness and bring their exceptional depth of experience to the training. Our manuals are considered to be some of the best in the industry and for more in depth study, we have produced an accompanying DVD for each Mat, Reformer and Apparatus module.

Our program is designed in modules so you can take your first course now and continue your training next week, next month or next year. Each module is self contained so you can take them as quickly or as slowly as your schedule and budget allow.

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

​​Mat I (16 hours)
Introduction to Pilates & Beginning/Intermediate Exercises
Prerequisites: 1 year experience teaching movement, anatomy, or 20 Pilates Mat class sessions

Mat I includes an introduction to the history and principles of Pilates, beginning and most intermediate level exercises with modifications, lectures on class order and programming in a group setting, and guidelines for teaching seniors, pre and post-natal classes.

Mat II (16 hours)
Intermediate/Advanced Exercises
Prerequisite: Mat I

Mat II includes the remaining intermediate and advanced level exercises, as well as essential movement principles, and training tips for advancing clients to the higher levels. Pilates for sports specific activities are also covered.

​Reformer I (18 hours)
Introduction to Reformer & Beginning Exercises and Pilates Principles
Prerequisites: 2 years experience teaching movement, anatomy, 30 Pilates Reformer classes or personal training sessions

Reformer I includes an introduction to the Pilates Reformer, including set up and safety, beginning exercises, program sequencing and teaching tips for group classes. By the end of the course you will be able to teach a beginning Reformer class or personal training session.

Reformer II (16 hours)
Intermediate Exercises
Prerequisite: Reformer I

Reformer II includes intermediate exercises and modifications designed for group and individual instruction. Teaching successful classes and sessions to clients at different levels of ability is emphasized. Included are a variety of programs designed to keep your clients inspired.

Reformer III (14 hours)
Advanced Exercises & Sport Specific Programs
Prequisite: Reformer II

Reformer III includes advanced exercises plus modifications for sports specific activities, tips for training the advanced client, and programs designed for specific sports

Trapeze Table/Cadillac (18 hours)
Prerequisite: Reformer II or Reformer certification

Provides a thorough introduction to Trapeze Table exercises as well as applications for beginning, post-rehabilitation and advanced clients. This training is appropriate for students working with the Allegro® or Allegro 2 Tower of Power®, Half Trapeze and Wall Tower as well as those working with full Trapeze Tables. Sequencing programs using multiple pieces of equipment are covered as well as equipment set up, safety and maintenance.

Allegro® and A2 Tower of Power® (18 hours) (Alternative to Trapeze Table/Cadillac)
Prerequisite: Reformer II or Reformer certification

Provides an excellent next step for studios and fitness centers currently using the Allegro® and Allegro 2 Tower of Power®. This course includes exercise instruction of the full repertoire on the Tower of Power as well as programming tips for combining Reformer and Tower exercises in classes and personal training sessions. The Tower training is appropriate for students working with the Trapeze Table, Tower and Wall Tower as well as those working with the Allegro and Allegro 2 Tower of Power.

Pilates Chair (14 hours)
Prerequisite: Reformer II or Reformer certification

Includes exercises and variations for both the original Wunda chair and the split pedal Combo Chair. The chair is great for doing strengthening work with athletic clients, and as an addition to group programming in combination with the Mat. This course includes exercises and programming for both personal training sessions and classes.

Pilates Barrels (6 hours)
Prerequisite: Reformer II or Reformer certification

Includes exercises and variations for the Step Barrel and Ladder Barrel. The Step Barrel and Ladder Barrel are excellent tools designed to add variety, enhance spinal mobility and challenge to any workout or class.

BB Pilates Comprehensive Program Requirements

To become a fully qualified Balanced Body® Pilates Instructor, students must complete the following requirements:


• Balanced Body Mat I and II Instructor training modules

• Balanced Body Reformer I, II and III Instructor training modules

• Balanced Body Cadillac/Tower Instructor training module

• Balanced Body Chair - Instructor training module

• Balanced Body Barrels - Instructor training module

Total hours of BB course work = 118

• Anatomy (pre-requisite requirement, BB anatomy or outside equivalent)

Total hours of course work including anatomy = 130

Successful completion of each module includes course work, a written examination, and a practical examination. The written is a take-home exam given on the first day of the course; the practical is successful demonstration of a teaching segment on the second day of the course.

Practical Hours

Practical experiential hours are in integral part of the learning process. The coursework is designed to introduce movement concepts, exercises and exercise adaptations but it is equally as important that students practice on themselves (private sessions), watch other instructors (observation) and begin the process of teaching potential clients (student teaching hours) in order to embody the materials that are presented in the courses. Courses alone give you the tools; experiencing the work makes you an instructor.

Personal Sessions
Students can count any classes or Pilates personal training session they have already taken. Developing and committing to a personal Pilates practice is an essential part of becoming an effective and inspiring teacher.

Observation Hours
Observation hours include watching experienced instructors teach group classes or private sessions. Observation is a great way to understand verbal and manual cueing, program sequencing and to hone your teaching skills.

Student Teaching Hours
Teaching hours include any Pilates teaching either as an employee at a fitness center or Pilates Studio, or for family and friends.

Mat Practical Hours = 70
25 personal sessions; 45 student teaching hours -or- 20 personal sessions; 15 observation hours; 35 student teaching hours

Reformer Practical Hours = 150
50 personal sessions; 100 student teaching hours -or- 30 personal sessions; 30 observation hours; 90 student teaching hours

Apparatus Practical Hours = 150
45 personal sessions; 105 student teaching hours -or- 35 personal sessions; 20 observation hours; 95 student teaching hours

Total hours: Course work + practical + anatomy = 500

Once all of the courses are completed, the hours are approved, and you've tested out and recieved your Balanced Body Certificate of Completion, you'll be eligible to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance Certification Exam to test for the PMA Certified Pilates Teacher designation. Only then can you be considered a Certified Pilates Teacher.

Balanced Body Pilates®
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