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balanced body pilates® workshops

All Balanced Body Workshops will receive ACE ceu's and PMA cec's for each workshop.

EXO Chair
The EXO Chair combines all of the functions of a traditional Pilates Chair with elastic tubing to create the ideal all in one workout system.
The Balanced Body EXO instructor training includes exercise instructions on the complete repertoire for beginning through advanced levels.

Equipment needed:
One EXO Chair, one set of long and short Slastix and one mat per 2 students (equipment/education bundles may be available thru Balanced Body)

Pilates Arc Training

Balanced Body Pilates Arc instructor training includes an introduction to the history and principles of Pilates, the features, function and safety precautions for the Pilates Arc, the complete repertoire of exercises on the Pilates Arc with modifications and lectures on class order and programming in a studio or fitness setting.
We offer a 4 and 6 hour workshop. The 6 hour workshop includes 2 hours of instruction on using the Pilates Arc on a Reformer.

Equipment needed:
One Arc and one mat per student. (Arcs may be included with training prices, please contact Balanced Body for more info)

If you are interested in hosting any of these workshops please contact me and I can help you get this set up with Balanced Body Education so I can bring the program to you.  You can bring one, or multiple programs in, or a combination of BOSU and Balanced Body education.

Let's get your education needs filled!